Factoring in four steps

Step 1<br />Invoice your client1

Step 1
Invoice your client

You deliver products / provide services and invoice your clients
Step 2<br />Send us the invoice2

Step 2
Send us the invoice

You send us the invoice issued to your clients
Step 3<br />We send you cash3

Step 3
We send you cash

Within 24 hours we send to you up to 80% of the invoice value
Step 4<br />You receive the difference (reserve)4

Step 4
You receive the difference (reserve)

Your clients pay the invoice at due date and we send you the reserve, less the costs

Our philosophy: simple, fast, flexible

In the actual economic environment, commercial relations are based on supplier credit. When your company issues invoices with payment term, you are directly crediting your clients. As a result, your company’s liquidities are caught in the commercial circuit, which creates difficulties in sourcing, production and delivery.

Our objective is to sustain small and medium sized enterprises in their efforts to cover liquidity needs and to develop their activity, taking on larger clients with longer payment terms. Considering the inflexible, bureaucratic and slow banking system, mostly impersonal, DIRECT FACTOR IFN wants to meet partners’ requirements in a very fast way.

Do you sometimes:

  • Miss market opportunities because of lack of current capital?
  • Have payment terms of 30, 60, 90 days or even more?
  • Dispose of delayed information regarding your company's daily receivables because the accounting is made periodically?
  • Have not enough time for commercial activities because of administrative problems?
  • Feel unsure of the clients’ ability to pay?
  • Your clients pay late, or not at all?
  • Have to make unpleasant calls for hurrying the payment of the invoices?

Factoring is exactly what you need!

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