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Who we are

DIRECT FACTOR IFN was founded in 2006 as a company with the sole object of Factoring. On the basis of Rule No. 4/2006 of the National Bank of Romania, the company received its operating license in January 2007; it is registered into the N.B.R. General Register under the number RG-PJR-41-050074/31.01.2007.

In the General Registry, we are the only company authorized by the National Bank of Romania to provide exclusively factoring services.

The company’s shareholders have a large experience in the financial sector and the factoring market also. DIRECT FACTOR IFN works in close collaboration with several commercial banks.

What we do

Our objective is to sustain small and medium sized companies in their efforts to cover liquidity needs and to develop their activity. Nowadays, every company’s target is to grow its market share, develop its business and the clients’ portfolio.
In this context, the competition leads to higher payment terms, therefore companies need liquidity and efficiency in debt collection and administration.

Our factoring services support companies to capitalize their potential without any material guarantees, without increasing their indebtedness. If for some reason the access to financing sources is difficult, or clients are no longer eligible for credit loans, refinancing invoices afferent to commercial relationships may be the answer for getting fast needed capital.

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