Frequently Asked Questions

Here you find answers to most frequently questions about factoring

Is it possible for start -up companies to be financed?

Yes, provided the existence of commercial relations with eligible debtors.

Are companies who register book loss financed?

Yes, provided the assignment of eligible receivables.

What is the financing percentage of advance?

The advance payment is up to 80% of the nominal value of the invoice.

Is VAT financed?

Yes, VAT is included in the total value of the invoice.

When is the advance payment received?

Advance payment for the financed invoices is sent within 24 hours of their submission.

Are there any additional guarantees required in addition to the invoices?

No additional guarantees are required.

What is the maximum financing maturity?

The maximum financing maturity is 120 days from issuance of the invoice.

What costs does factoring involve?

Mostly, factoring fee and interest.

When are the commissions paid?

Factoring fee is charged from the advance payment. Interest corresponding to the financing period is calculated on a daily basis and charged monthly.

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